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2015 Schedule

New shows appearing all the time – keep your eye out for them!

11am – 1pm
Breaking Walls and Closing Cupboards
1pm – 3pm – Talk and Listen
3pm – 5pm – The Variety Show
5pm – 7pm
The Adam and Dan Show
7pm – 9pm – A&Ts RnB

1pm – 3pm – Anything Goes
3pm – 5pm – Non-Stop Hits
5pm – 7pm – Luke Watson
7pm – 9pm – EMINation

11am – 1pm – Roxy’s Music
1pm – 3pm – Rainbow Radio
3pm – 5pm – Non-Stop Hits
5pm – 7pm – Alistair Proudman
7pm – 9pm – and be done with it

11am – 1pm – NSS Radio
1pm – 3pm – Contemporary Gaming
3pm – 5pm – Jack Boulton
5pm – 7pm – Let’s Twist Again
7pm – 9pm – Bobbin REX Quiz Show

11am – Nerd Brittania
1pm – Requests with Roy
3pm – A Has A Show
5pm – The Friday Express
7pm – Bangers and Stash

3pm – The Student Radio Chart Show

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