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11am – Sunday Brunch with Daniel and Alina
1pm – Matt Gold
3pm – SRA Chart Show
5pm – Politically Incorrect
(w/ John)
7pm – Radio Solidarity Show
8pm – Reggae / Dub Show
9pm – Let’s Twist Again
(w/ Dan)
Bringing you music from various genres and random topics to discuss

11am – Chart with Dan T
12noon – Lunchtime with Dan T
1pm – Nick Smith
Nick is back with music and banter every Monday
3pm – Jonny
General discussion and banter with friends and enjoying some good music
5pm - The Asylum
7pm – Listeners Take Charge
Creating fits of laughter through banter, one show at a time!
9pm – 1 girl, 1 mic
Ridiculously good music, even more ridiculous discussion and banter to end your monday with!

11am – Contemporary Gaming (w/Ivan)
1pm – Isaac Hill
3pm – Brad’s 2 Hours of Jazz (w/ Brad)
Jazz like you ain’t never.
5pm – Alistair Proudman
All the best of Punk and Metal -
plus the weekly playin of “I Lost  My Heart to a Starship Trooper”
7pm - Afroback
Mix of 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s and the occasional 70’s songs
9pm – NerdZone (w/Tim)
Show discussing anything related to: Films, cartoons, anime, video games, comics, etc. with no set genre of music

11:30 – Luke Watson
1pm – Adelaida
3pm – A&Ts RnB
5pm - Music For The Mood (w/ Natalia)
7pm - …and be done with it
Comedy, sketches, great music and features
9pm – Scott Richmond
The late night rock show

1pm – Ben Simmons
3pm – Jason’s Alternative Show
5pm – The Vinyl Show
6pm – The Chocolate Box
7pm – Joshua Kitson-Long
9pm – The No Box Show

9am – Wake up with Bec and OP
11am – That Show (w/ Aiden and Lucas)
Previewing the week aheads entertainment plus the usual pub chat, with Lucas Uren, Aidan Slater and Harvey Thornton
1pm – The Rock N Roll Sports Show
A look back at all of the major sports stories from the previous week as well as a round-up of the results.
3pm – Totally Random
5pm – Aishurrr
7pm – The Friday Express
(w/ Gifty and Benson)
8pm – The DANdes
10pm – Uncommercial New Music (w/ Jack Redfern)
Dr. Sensible kicks off the weekend with time rifts, lasers and your favourite dance songs you haven’t heard yet.

9am – The InVasion (w/ Dan)
We’re taking over… with rock and roll!
1pm – Anca
Music of films, songs from trailers, discussions about films.
3pm - Roy Phillips
Mixture of music genres made by requests and discussions of the news
5pm – The Shuffle
7pm -
The 1en Takeover
8pm – Emma Harris
9pm – The Adam and Dan Show
Saviours of RAM Air.
11pm – Uncommercial New Music (w/ Jack Redfern)

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