We have put together this website because as a company, we hope to help as many people as possible with information about finance and money. We hope that by having a selection of articles on different subjects that there will be something of use to everyone. There are many changes that we could all make which could have a big impact on our finances but because we are not formally taught about finance, we will often make mistakes and this can mean that we pay out more than necessary, make unwise decisions and things like this which means that our finances are not in such a good state than they could be. We believe that there are step by step changes that everyone can make which will improve their situation and this means that everyone has the opportunity to improve their finances. We hope that as many people as possible will be able to make some changes and start to feel more confident when dealing with money and improve their own finances. We hope that our articles will be a springboard and people will use them to make some changes and then learn more about other things they can change so that they can eventually get on top of their finances and feel completely in control of what they are doing.